Binance Smart Chain x EtherDrops

3 min readMar 10, 2021


We`ve been working really hard for the past few months to make it happen and we are really proud to share some amazing news. We`re trilled to announce that EtherDrops added support for Binance Smart Chain monitoring! From now on all users of EtherDrops bot are able to monitor the BSC network swaps and wallet transactions. We`ve also made some improvements for coins on CEX and the rates are updated in real time.

As before, you can add a coin or a wallet with just a few clicks, either submitting a ticker or a contract of the coin/wallet. However, for your convenience we`ve included some shorts guides below.

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Coin Monitoring

To monitor a coin follow these easy steps:

  1. Menu- Add Coin;
  2. Type in a ticker of the coin. If you can`t find the right one, submit it`s contract address;
  3. Select the coin from the list;
  4. Select your preferred network to monitor swaps (BEP-20 is a token standard on Binance Smart Chain);

5. Enter your preferred % price change range for instant notifications;

6. Enter swap size for monitoring.

Wallet Monitoring

Do you know the addresses of whales or successful traders that you wish to follow? Or maybe you want to monitor your own address? Then definitely this feature is for you, and it is now on the BSC network!

  1. Menu- Add Wallet;
  2. Choose the network;
  3. Enter wallet`s address;
  4. Give it a name/label.

Edit Coins, Wallets or Pools

Call the main Menu and select Edit Wallets, Edit Pools, or Edit Coins. All available configurations and alerts are very flexible to edit. You can switch notifications OFF/ON if you wish to temporarily stop monitoring a particular coin or a wallet, for example.

In case if you experience delays in the bot’s response to commands, just try switching to another bot. All your coins, wallets, pools and settings will be automatically transferred, there is nothing to worry about!





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