2 min readFeb 1, 2021

Dear EtherDrops users,

We would like to take this opportunity to share some really exciting news with you! Over the past months we`ve seen an enormous inflow of new users using our product, which we are extremely happy about! 🔥🔥🔥 Thousands of newcomers are now monitoring liquidity pools, wallets, GAS price, DEX swaps, prices of their favourite cryptocurrencies! That really proves our product brings great benefits to the crypto community!

However, due to an unprecedented demand, we`re now starting to experience delays. During peak hours notifications are not immediately delivered and users wait for some before they receive a response from EtherDrops. Certainly it negatively impacts user experience and increases waiting time.

To tackle this difficulty we`ve introduced additional bots that users can switch to. They all belong and governed by EtherDrops team.

  1. In the main Menu you can now see a message stating that if you experience any delays, you can switch to reserve channels.

You are free to use any, just click on the channel you wish to switch to. Then you`ll be prompted to confirm this activity and active the selected channel.

2. All your added pools, wallets, coins, gas limits etc. will be transferred to the new bot. We`ve tried to make that move as seamless as possible so you`re not gonna experience any negative side-effects.

And we`re really sorry for any inconvenience caused. We`ve tried hard to search for the best available solutions. However all Telegram bots are limited to 30 requests per second and this setting cannot be scaled. As a result, a single bot is simply not feasible and the best solution was so increase the number of bots. In the meantime we will continue monitoring the situation and adopt to the new conditions.

In conclusion, we wish o thank you for using EtherDrops, we really appreciate your support. The good news there is so much more to come, including a long-awaited Binance chain, just stay tuned.

Until next time!✅


Activity monitoring notification-tool for Ethereum. Receive instant notifications of transactions, price movements and LP change. t.me/EtherDrops_bot