DropsTab App is live!

1 min readFeb 16, 2022


The one app for all your crypto needs

Official DropsTab App has now been listed on App Store and Google Play! The app aims to fulfil many of your day-to-day crypto needs. Whether you need to check crypto prices, build and manage a portfolio, follow and analyse latest developments or simply familiarise yourself with certain aspects- you now have it all in a single place. To learn more about it, please follow this page.

You may wonder, why are we tweeting about DropsTab? DropsTab is a cryptocurrency market tracker, featuring crypto stats, analytics and crypto portfolio functionality. It is the central project of the Drops family ecosystem. EtherDrops bot, aka 0xcheck, is a member of that family.

The following app is an important milestone for the upcoming integration of EtherDrops bot and DropsTab. Yeah, you got it right! EtherDrops bot will be integrated in DropsTab, so that you`ll be able to manage your account and settings from the DropsTab page directly. This will open up a range of other amazing functionality, which we`re yet to tell you about.

The future is bright!

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