EtherDrops. Transactions monitoring

Ethereum Daily Transactions [1]
  • Monitoring of whale wallets and any other addresses for changes in balances. For example, Alameda wallet. Based on this, various conclusions can be made (current investment positions, behaviour, new opportunities for earnings or opportunities for the front-running in the case of sending big amount of tokens to a centralised exchange)
  • Tracking changes in your own balance. For example, you should receive tokens from an early round / public round, but do not know at what exact moment this will happen. Or you made a withdrawal from the exchange and you are expecting funds.
  • Pool/ICO funds monitoring. Relevant for a public round using a smart contract when you are interested in observing the dynamics of changes.
  • speculative investors (receiving notification of the receipt of tokens);
  • medium / long-term investors (understanding the current balance of whale wallets);
  • teams collecting funds on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • every Ethereum user.



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Activity monitoring notification-tool for Ethereum. Receive instant notifications of transactions, price movements and LP change.