EtherDrops x Gitcoin Grant Round 12

2 min readDec 2, 2021

We`re pleased to announce EtherDrops bot participation in the Gitcoin Grant Round 12. Gitcoin is a platform for the developers to add their products and receive contributions from the community.

EtherDrops bot is a free product financed entirely by the team since 2018. Over the years we`ve managed to build a big infrastructure with some useful features that we wish you fully utilise to your own advantage. In case if you find our tool helpful and wish to support our project, you`re more than welcome to do so from the following page.

We will be grateful to receive your support, no matter how big a contribution is. Every little bit helps.

In case if you want to go ahead and make a contribution, here is a short tutorial.
1) On the page with EtherDrops grant select “Add to Cart”.

2) Proceed to the cart, which is located top right corner.

3) Select the dropdown list and select Polygon instead. Why? Polygon is cheaper that the standard checkout “Ethereum network”.

Finally, complete the checkout!

That`s it, is really that simple!

As always, please don`t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. Also don`t forget to subscribe to our channels:

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