GMX x EtherDrops

2 min readApr 13, 2023


Get notified on Long/Short/Liquidation positions on Tracked Wallets


EherDrops Tracking bot welcomes GMX integration that is set to simplify crypto tracking even further and enhance monitoring experience.

Over 500,000 users of the EtherDrops bot are now able to receive notifications about long/short/liquidation positions on their tracked wallets, information gathered from GMX.

The following is set to revolutionise crypto tracking experience for several reasons.

  1. Users are now able to receive such notifications directly to their Telegram channels.
  2. The integration is set to fill the info gap related to market ongoing and changing conditions.

The second point is particularly exciting because trading is an ever-changing game. Some positions get opened, some closed, or even worse- get liquidated. All depends on the market conditions.

To earn a reward, vigilant users are down for non-stop market monitoring, that is set to help navigate possible future price moves. The bigger the move, the bigger the probability that the market, and price, will go in this direction. Usually, in such conditions, users wish to monitor the activity of some well known successful players and copy their moves/strategies to earn that reward.

From now on, EtherDrops users are able to apply customised settings and track trader`s wallets in order to be notified of their activities. And there is no need to look at the screen 24/7. Whenever there is a significant move, that meets your customised settings and hits the threshold, EtherDrops will ring the bell. Then, it is the user`s turn to decide what to do next. This sounds awesome, doesn`t it?

EtherDrops is a popular platform that allows users to track on-chain activity of wallets, positions, NFT`s etc. while GMX offers margin trading and leveraged trading on cryptocurrencies. With this integration, users can now stay informed about their portfolios and take advantage of trading opportunities without having to constantly monitor their accounts.

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