Ethereum Gas Tracker

Nov 9, 2020


As we all know the cost of transactions on Ethereum isn’t fixed and depends on the current activity which affects the current gas price.

Median Gas Price, by day, last 90 days [1]

Often users are in the situation when they need to send a transaction but this action is not urgent. So they can wait for a gas price that appropriates for them or sent it with the hope it will be processed. But if this transaction stucks in the mempool for a long time, there is a high probability that it will be deleted from there despite that fast gas price is lower than set gwei. This is why users prefer to sent with fast gwei but also they prefer not to overpay.

Now in our bot users can receive an alert when fast gwei fits their needs.

Click “Menu — Set gas alert”

You will be asked to set “Gwei amount” when you want to receive an alert. As soon as gwei will the same or lower set amount, you will receive an instant notification. After receiving a notification, you can set a new amount.

Also now you can easily monitor the current gas price.

Click “Gas” in bot console.

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