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2 min readMar 4, 2022


Another insightful tool for your monitoring

We constantly collect feedback of our users and try to make our services even more helpful! Really, the ideas you provide us are amazing, thank you!

However, there is one that has been asked for a lot more times that the others. This is various events tracking for wallets. Now, we`re pleased to announce it is now live!

Within your wallets in the “Edit” section, we`ve introduced a new option called “Events”. When you open it up, you can enable monitoring of the following:
1) NFT transactions (NEW 🔥);
2) Contracts created (NEW🔥);
3) Token transactions & swaps.

Token transactions and swaps is now wonder and has been around for many years. However, what`s new is NFT transactions and contracts created tracking. The following two can assist your market monitoring in search of unusual moves in the NFT sector and contracts. Contracts are particularly interesting because they may help you project the future movement trajectory for a specific wallet.

Events” are accessible for all wallets within networks that we support.

To access this function all you need to do is to select “Events” within your wallet, and put ✅right next to the event you wish to monitor. All you have to do next is to select ☑ Done.

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