Happy 2022 Year!

2 min readDec 31, 2021

New Year is around the corner

Dear friends,

2021 year has been a memorable year for sure. The crypto market has reached new all-time-highs, the market sentiment has never been so optimistic. The crypto realm has entered many institutional entities, which is also a great sign.

In this post we wish to make some conclusions and achievements the EtherDrops/DropsTab team has made.

✅ Completely new UX / UI of a coin tracker DropsTab, many additional features added, including insights and performance sections;
✅ We have been listed in the CoinList Seed Spring 2021 Batch;
✅ The number of DropsTab users has increased significantly;
✅ The number of EtherDrops bot users has increased many times, currently over 260k
✅ The DropsTab APP is 80% ready, the test beta version we will publish today
✅ DropsTab and EtherDrops integration is well underway!

This would not be possible without your help, suggestions and feedback. Your value added really matters, we`re truly thankful for your support! In the coming year we`ve prepared many specials for EtherDrops, too. Localisations, additional networks added, useful add-ons and more.

From the entire EtherDrops/DropsTab team we hope you have a wonderful New Year! Let all your wishes come true and you get everything you want! It`s a pleasure to have you all onboard.

Happy New 2022 Year 🎉




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