Monitoring large swaps

Oct 22, 2020

After releasing our last update we receive a lot of requests with the same questions from existing users: “How can I monitor large buy/sells with your bots?” and also we was asked “How to disable it”. Hope that this manual will help you.

  1. Click “Menu” or write a message “/start”

2. Then choose “edit coins” in appeared menu.

3. Now you can see coins which was added earlier for monitoring. As we noticed in our previous post, we only support Uniswap or Sushiswap. In this screen there’re the example when “Alert swaps” is not available for token which are traded only on CEX or Balancer. It’s $PERP. For tokens which are tradable on Uniswap or Sushiswap you can set alert swap. Click “Alert swaps”

4. You will be asked to set a minimum swap value when you want to receive a notification. Type it. Or also you can disable this function.

5. So, when swap with minimum amount of $10000 dollars will be happen, you will receive instant notification.

Hope that this manual will be useful for our users! ❤️

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