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2 min readDec 1, 2020


In the past few weeks we have received hundreds of requests via our “Contact us” form. We`re really thankful for the feedback you`ve given us. We take seriously every idea and suggestion that can improve our product.

As a result of this, we`re delighted to announce that we`re rolling out some really useful updates that will take EtherDrops_bot to the next level and improve your experience. So here are they:


When you add a wallet, you can now choose whether you wish to monitor only IN, OUT or ALL (IN and OUT) transactions. When you add a new wallet, the bot will ask you if you wish to utilise this feature. If it is an existing wallet, all you need to go to “Edit wallets” section and select “Transactions IN/OUT/ALL”. It is extremely handy when you wish to separate types of transactions and concentrate your attention on the specific ones.

Within this feature, you can also disable any wallet notifications with a single click. There is no longer any need to delete a wallet especially if you temporarily wish to “unfollow” a wallet etc. All you need is to select “Transactions: OFF”.


You can add any of your wallets to “Favorites”. This feature is available in “Edit wallets” section, where you`ll see “Favorite On” or “Favorite Off” for each wallet. When it is on, any transaction that is made in your favorite wallets will be highlighted. As a result, you`ll never miss a single notification from a wallet which you believe is the most important to you.

We hope those improvements will make your experience even better. Thank you for staying with us!

Looking forward to your feedback (Menu-Contact us)

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