NFT Patterns Monitoring

A dope NFT tracking feature

2 min readAug 8, 2022

The NFT market is moving fast. At times it is difficult to discover a new gem in the endless stream of collections. We`ll soon roll out a new product designed to track whale`s movements (including smart whales) or any addresses you choose to monitor. The idea is simple: as soon as the bot notices similar behaviour from a predetermined number of addresses, you`ll be notified.

The feature will only be available to paid bot subscribers.

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How it is gonna look like?

Notification example:

👉 Moonbirds

mistertodd.eth (Smart Whale, Holdings Value ≈ $2 mln for 108 Collections, PnL ≈ $6 mln)
🔻️ Sold 2 NFT for 44.00 ETH, 22.00 ETH Avg price, Tx1 Tx2 Last 11 hours ago

0x8ad5…53ee (Whale, Holdings Value ≈ $1 mln for 12 Collections, PnL ≈ $-355 k)
🔻️ Sold 1 NFT for 23.50 ETH, Tx1 Last 13 hours ago

dolphinwhale.eth (Whale, Holdings Value ≈ $1 mln for 47 Collections, PnL ≈ $53 k)
🔻️ Sold 1 NFT for 15.00 ETH, Tx1 Last 14 hours ago

0xb632…d639 (Smart Whale, Holdings Value ≈ $1 mln for 85 Collections, PnL ≈ $12 mln)
🔻️ Sold 1 NFT for 15.72 ETH, Tx1 Last 14 hours ago

Current Floor price: 16.48 ETH

How did we do it?

Default address lists provided by our team:

  1. NFT Whales, 1400 whale addresses with different ROI and assets.
  2. NFT Smart Whales, 150 most successful active NFT whales with PnL > $500,000.
  3. Early Free NFT Minters , those who were the first to get free mints in such projects as Goblintown, FTC, Trolltown.

The addresses we have collected may not be perfect, neither there is a guarantee that your selected NFT will be successful in the future. Instead you will get a general idea of the behaviour of the collection.

In addition to address customization, the following additional features will be available:

⁃ Pattern Type: Buy, Sell, Mint, All;
⁃ Number of matches (unique addresses that have the same pattern);
⁃ Minimum amount of patterns for one address;
⁃ Collection creation date.

We hope you`ve found the following article useful. Please feel free to join our chat group and share your thoughts!

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Activity monitoring notification-tool for Ethereum. Receive instant notifications of transactions, price movements and LP change.