NFT Patterns Monitoring Guide

3 min readAug 26, 2022


The NFT Patterns monitoring is live! Check out this FAQ covering all the questions you might have.

1. What is NFT Pattern monitoring?

It is designed to track and notify of any similar behaviour happening with NFT transactions.

The idea is simple- particular wallets & whales may have an insight info or may have spotted the next GEM. As a result, they can collectively mint, buy or sell certain NFTs`. If such a trend has been identified, this may be a sign of a coming pump or dump. DYOR, not a financial advice.

Only available to paid EtherDrops subscribers!

2. How to set up NFT Patterns?

From the Main menu select “+ Add” then “NFT Pattern”.

Next, create your monitoring list or use our default pre-sets.

  • NFT Whales, 1306 whale addresses with different ROI and assets.
  • NFT Smart Whales, 173 most successful NFT whales with PnL > $500,000.
  • Top Free Minters, 1102 addresses that minted Top successful free NFT collections (e.g Goblintown, FTC, Trolltown)
  • Custom list. You can add up to 300 addresses manually or upload a file:
    👉 You can add wallets manually like this:
    0x5efdB6D8c798c2c2Bea5b1961982a5944F92a5C1 NFT Sniper
    👉You can upload a file with your custom addresses in a TXT format.

Finally, select the number of matches to set up a notification.

E.g. 4 matches=4+ unique wallets with similar behaviour.

3. How to edit NFT Patterns?

From the Main Menu, select “NFT Pattern”.

You`ll then be presented with a range of options.

You can sort the event type by only Buy/Sell/Mint or all; change the number of matches; alter the NFT age; turn Notifications ON/OFF; apply the minimum tx price in ETH to filter out any unnecessary noise; Delete a pattern; or change/update the list of addresses you follow or apply our default pre-sets.

4. How to use NFT Patterns?

You`ve received a notification with an NFT Pattern. Example below:

  • Collection:
  • 4 matches=4+ wallets with similar behaviour.
    3 Whales & 1 Smart Whale have minted several 10KTF NFTs.
  • You do your own analysis, check the collection, holders etc…
  • We received this notification on the 23/08/2022. The Floor price was 0.3889 ETH.
  • 25/08/2022 when we were writing this article, the Floor price of this collection was 0.47 ETH. Profit speaks for itself ✅

5. How to add more than one NFT Pattern?

We`re already designing a new subscription plan to accommodate this request. Please follow our news and announcement channels!

Wishing you good luck to find the next big NFT GEM!




Activity monitoring notification-tool for Ethereum. Receive instant notifications of transactions, price movements and LP change.