Price cross alert

Nov 16, 2020

Cryptocurrency is known for its price volatility. It is crucially important to follow the price and set your own targets, whether its the price you want to sell or buy more of a particular cryptocurrency when the price rises or falls. Otherwise, you will always be missing the boat.

But how could you do it in a convenient and timely manner?

In this light, we’re delighted to present to you another great feature implemented to our bot: CROSS price notification. You add a crypto for monitoring and set your cross price target. The bot will notify you as soon as the price of your crypto hits the target. This way you will always be on top of what’s happening to price and can act accordingly.

To get your hands on this feature, follow Menu- Edit Coins. Choose the coin from your list and select “Price alert”. You will then be prompted to specify the cross price. It can be lower or higher than the current one. That’s it, it is very simple yet hugely important to a cryptocurrency investor.

As a price reaches set, you will receive an instant alert.

Looking forward to your feedback (Menu-Contact us)

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