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Dear EtherDrops users,

We`re thrilled to announce a rollout of subscriptions to our bot. This will allow users to unravel the full potential of our tool. Moreover, we`ve included the possibility of customising your own plan by including just those features you actually need. To read more about it we welcome you to visit our brand new landing page for EtherDrops. It tells you a story behind EtherDrops, what notifications we generate, a short FAQ section and a detailed description about subscription types!

Why have we introduced subscriptions?

Since 2018 EtherDrops bot has been totally free. All these years our team has been working hard to develop a truly astonishing product. Something that would actually solve problems and add value to the end user.

And we have succeeded! From plain wallet tracking functionality on the ETH network, we`ve massively evolved and successfully added liquidity pools monitoring, swaps, events tracking for wallets and even NFT`s, integrated various networks, including BSC, Fantom, AVAX, Polygon and much more.

However, it all comes down to the costs. EtherDrops is a metropolis of various infrastructural connections that run the whole thing. Big infrastructure costs money.

Effectively, all these years we`ve been paying to develop the product out of our own pocket. Sadly, but we can no longer carry this burden as it gets too heavy.

However, the good news is that the revenues made from subscriptions will go towards covering those expenses. The funds will also be used to facilitate further development, integrations and introduction of new and unique features to EtherDrops. Ultimately, this will benefit the whole EtherDrops userbase!

Types of Subscriptions

We tried to be as flexible as possible and developed three types of plans you can choose from:

  1. Advanced
    Monthly subscription costing $29.00 per month.
  2. Advanced +
    Yearly subscription costing $290.00 per year.
  3. Individual
    We can tailor a subscription plan and provide you a quote based on your personalised need and requests.

How can I buy a subscription?

To buy a subscription, visit the Main Menu and Select “Subscription”. Once you`ve decided which subscription would best suit your needs, you`d need to select it and follow your personal link to proceed with payment.

  • Accepted payment cryptocurrencies: USDT, USDC, BUSD, BTC, ETH.
  • Your corresponding payment currency we have various networks available, such as ETH, Solana, BSC, Tron.

We`ll update your subscription status on Telegram if your payment has been successful.

Can I still use EtherDrops bot for free?

Absolutely! By default every user can monitor up to 5 wallet, 10 coins, 5 NFT`s, 5 LP`s and ≥$1000 swap notifications. There is also a limit of 100 messages per hour.

Ending thoughts

Bear in mind that subscriptions are only for those who actually use EtherDrops in “mass quantity”. For example 80 wallets, 50 LP and 95 coins.

95% of our users have never reached those limits. So the vast majority of users will continue to use EtherDrops just like they did before.

We`re also thankful for your Gitcoin donations and all given support. It was an inspiring moment for us that really showed the unity of our users.

Subscriptions is a very important milestone that will help us develop new features, integrate additional networks (you`ve been asking for Solana for hundreds of times). New and exciting times are ahead, so buckle up and enjoy your flight!

Btw, if you buy our “Annual” subscription, you`ll be waitlisted for the future DropsTab and EtherDrops Events. The details will be announced at a later stage, so we encourage you to follow the news closely.




Activity monitoring notification-tool for Ethereum. Receive instant notifications of transactions, price movements and LP change.