Track NFT floor price on OpenSea with EtherDrops!

2 min readApr 6, 2022

The wait is over

EtherDrops team has been really busy the past few weeks. Our aim was to expand and bring in more support for the exploding NFT sector.

We`re pleased to announce that we`ve successfully integrated OpenSea. Track NFT floor pricing and activity (on ETH network for now) with your beloved Telegram bot EtherDrops!

How to track an NFT?

Menu-Add NFT- Paste the name of the NFT or the contract address (ETH only for now)

Select the right NFT from the list and include the % price change to be notified.

The job is done!

How to edit an NFT?

Menu-Edit NFT-select the NFT you wish to make changes to

Next the additional menu will pop up with your additional options. From there you can change % price alerts; change the nominal price ETH, BNB, USD or BTC; set your price alerts; turn notifications ON/OFF; and lastly delete the NFT.

Thank you for your attention! Rest assured we`ve prepared tons of exciting news and amazing features waiting to be released very soon.

Bring your crypto experience with EtherDrops bot to a whole new level!




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