EtherDrops bot for groups and channels

1. What is EtherDrops bot for groups and channels?

2. Step-by-step instructions

3. What is Manage Profiles?

4. How to add a new Profile?

  1. Main Menu” ➼ “Manage Profiles” ➼ “+ Add Profile”.

5. How to add coins, wallet, liquidity pools and swaps to Profiles?

6. Are there any additional profile settings?

7. What is Copy Profile?

8. How can I edit added coins, wallets and pools?

9. Can I use EtherDrops bot individually and for groups at the same time?

10. Who can add EtherDrops bot to groups and channels?

11. Special commands by a slash /

12. Use cases

🅐 Influencers

🅑 Separate your individual notifications


🅒 Group and channel admins

🅓 Degens



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Activity monitoring notification-tool for Ethereum. Receive instant notifications of transactions, price movements and LP change.