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2 min readAug 17, 2021

Important summer 2021 updates

Summer 2021 marks the key milestone the EtherDrops team has reached with a bunch of useful updates and features added to the EtherDrops bot on Telegram. Let`s dive deep into it and see what makes them so special:

  1. EtherDrops bot for groups and channels.
  2. Filter for wallet transactions.

EtherDrops bot for groups and channels

We`ve covered this update in an extensive article, but in a nutshell you can add EtherDrops bot to a group or channel and receive instant notifications relating to swaps, coin prices, liquidity pools and wallet transactions. Your group and channel subscribers will absolutely love it!

We`ve named this new feature “Manage Profiles” in the “Main Menu”. So don`t be confused when you see it the first time.

Filter for wallet transactions

From now on when you edit your wallets you can specify a minimum transaction volume to be notified about. The ideas is simple. When you monitor a wallet, especially the ones with hundreds of transactions on a daily basis, sometimes you couldn`t be bothered to receive notifications about small transactions. So now you can create such a threshold to eliminate these type of transactions.

To access this feature, head over to the “Main Menu” then “Edit Wallets”. Select the wallet you wish to make those changes to. A menu with settings will drop down. From this exact menu, select “Alert transactions”.

Then type in the transaction threshold amount. In this case we`ve typed in 20000, meaning that we will only be alerted if the wallet transactions are equal or more than $20,000.

Thank you for using EtherDrops bot! As always, we will be glad to hear your feedback:
Main Menu” ➼ “Contact us”.




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